Durga Puja 2020

This is an unprecedented year that none of us ever anticipated. Safety and health of Pujari members and volunteers are foremost in our minds. Considering that we have decided to do a scaled down Pujo this year. Durga Pujo, as it is traditionally performed with idols, cannot be shortened beyond a point. Keeping that in mind we have decided to perform a Pujo in a different format. We commonly refer to it as "Nityo Pujo" format performed without idols. Was held on October 24th, Saturday from 10 AM to 12:20 PM in a private venue.

For the safety of attending members and performing volunteers, no in person member attendance was allowed at this year's Pujo. This includes all EC and board members. Only a minimal number of Pujo service-related volunteers was present. However, for the benefit of our members, "Pushpanjali" was telecast remotely.

We hope to return to full scale Durga Pujo from next year.

Team Pujari

All events was streamed from Pujari Facebook page. Click here to view

Durga Puja Schedule

Nityo Pujo : 24th October 10am - 12.20pm (Private Residence)

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